“The Ship isn’t Just Going Down”

James Blake is one of the most talented artists to emerge over the past few years. His opinion matters. He cannot fathom why his label continues to spend money marketing his album when fans can download it illegally or stream it. As an artist he could make more money from selling the album, but even he recognizes that it makes absolutely no economic sense for the listener.

We pay $9.99 a month for services like Spotify so we can listen to not only James Blake, but The Rolling Stones and A$AP Rocky too. Why would we ever pay $9.99 for an album that we have access to whenever we want? In a flash of irony, the iPhone actually made iTunes irrelevant. I have not opened iTunes since I started using Spotify. Few of my friends have either. It makes no sense. We have Spotify mobile.

It is time for labels to stop using a Dixie cup to remove water from a ship that is already 1,000 feet deep. Well done James.



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