Your Manager is not a Buick salesman or Macklemore, so tell him to put away the thrift shop suit.

No offense to the companies out there that drive short term traffic, but the promote this to win this model is broken. When you tell your band’s fans to send out a link to generate buzz about the band, doesn’t it make you feel a bit like a Buick salesperson? What happened to the natural sharing of music because fans actually like the music? Let’s take off that thrift shop suit and talk about this in more detail.

Kanye West has decided to reward his top fan with a pair of Air Yeezy 2’s in exchange for a little press. His new single is going live and he wants you to get the word out. What he is expecting to happen is for his fans to send the link out to 50 friends to grow the YouTube views and build up hype for his tour. It works for a few days and the clicks go through the roof… until a 55 year old man in India decides he would like to sell that pair of Yeezys on the black market and ends up winning the contest with a little help from his bot friend C3PO. Campaign over.

Although Kanye accomplished his goal of getting an insane amount of views, half of these views were erroneous. The campaign built short term buzz and then it crashed harder than AIG. Once the gimmick was over, no one cared.

So while you are actively tweeting your friends to win that pair of Yeezy’s just remember that old man in India will always have the upper hand. You may be the bigger fan, but you don’t have any robot friends.