I’ll never forget taking a trip to Nashville with my brother two years ago when I was deciding which graduate school to attend. The cab dropped us off on Broadway. It was 100 degrees. It was miserable. I was a fish out of water. I did not like country music. Not even a sampling of Jack’s BBQ could convince me to move here. 

I am not sure why I decided to move here anyway after spending all summer convincing myself that I would be unhappy here. I think I just needed a change. It turned out to be the right move because just as I was regretting everything about Nashville, I took a class called “Business Models in the Music Industry” that changed my life. Tim DuBois taught me about the seismic shifts that were taking place in the music industry. I learned that music is not just artists and agents. I learned how deeply music is tied into this city’s roots. I learned that the music business is full of opportunity. I realized that Nashville is far less country than people think, but most importantly I gave country a chance, and you know what?…. I like it. 


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