Spotify and Music Discovery

Spotify is one of the greatest music discovery vehicles of our time. The rise of third party apps has created numerous opportunities to explore vast musical landscapes, while sharing these experiences in a social context. One of my personal favorite apps is “We Are Hunted” which provides insight across multiple platforms about which artists are generating buzz. “We Are Hunted” is the primary way I discover music at the moment because it is so simple. I have developed a general distaste for music critics at certain levels because of certain biases that many of the independent blogs routinely base their reviews around. By using third party apps, I have opened the door to the opinions of the general public and taste makers at large. Now the time has come for an app to convert artist buzz into artist success. There is a key difference between these two things. Buzz produces short bursts of excitement that is simply not sustainable. Success is built on the foundation of converting this initial excitement into something that spans years. Obviously, the primary factor of a band’s success is still the quality of the songs themselves, though marketing and fan targeting on streaming platforms presents a unique opportunity going forward.


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