Artist Management in the Modern Era

Artist managers today are faced with unique challenges with respect to converting casual listeners into paying fans. Although many tools currently exist to provide “actionable data” to these artist managers, most managers are too busy to notice how Facebook “like” data translates into a ticket purchases. In short, these data services often provide statistics rather than concrete solutions. Most artist managers are not quantitative people. Artist managers rely upon intuition and historical trends to make the best possible decisions. The data itself is simply an aid when these mechanisms fall short of producing the desired result.

After interviewing a variety of artist managers about the challenges they are currently facing, we have come to the conclusion that artist managers are seeking platforms that make sense of data on their behalf. They are far more willing to pay for a service that produces results in the form of increased ticket and merch sales, as opposed to a service that tells them to what degree their Youtube views have increased over time. In this day and age, there is such an abundance of information and music discovery tools that standalone data is difficult to draw meaningful inferences from. What is important is figuring out at what point music becomes an experience that a fan will pay for in some form or another. Listen Up is making life easier for artist managers, while providing them with a return on investment in the form of increased revenue per listener.


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